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Beatty Pocket Park
STORM-OV, Inc. worked with agencies to clean Beatty Pocket Park

Burro Seep Cleaned

STORM-OV, Inc. has Cleaned Burro Seep, 
in conjunction with donated Time and Equipment with D & H Mining.

In continued efforts to enhance and create new and old habitat, it has just completed the cleaning of Burro Seep to achieve breeding pools and foraging for the "Amargosa Toad" as well as providing a drinking source for other wildlife.

Nature Conservancy's Torrence Ranch

STORM-OV has worked to open springs in order to increase the amount of flowing waters, creating habitat.

Stage Coach Hotel & Casino River Corridor - 6-18-10
River Maintenance
STORM-OV is currently working with donated equipment from D & H Mining, along with the Nature Conservancy, on the Stage Coach property located in Beatty, NV, in the Amargosa River.

River Maintenance was done to clear debris and the massive amounts of reeds that had invaded the channel.  This invasion resulted in the blocking and choking of the chanel. This blockage not only consumed large amounts of water, but also prevented the "Amargosa Toad" from breeding or even traveling through it.  This infestation had become the perfect habitat for the predator "Bullfrog".  The known enemy of the toad.

Check the Photo Page for Tamrisk Removal.

Spicer Ranch - North Pond - 6-18-10
STORM-OV, Inc. has continued its work on the Spicer Ranch, in conjunction with the property owner, D & H Mining.

In continued efforts to abate Bullfrogs and Crawdads, to enhance and create new and old habitat.  They have completed 4,000 feet of pipeline installation.  2000 feet of 6" Main and 2,000 feet of 2" Distribution line were installed to achieve many new added acres of breeding and foraging for the "Amargosa Toad".

Amargosa Toad
     Bufo Nelsoni
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Saving Toads thru Off-Road Racing, Ranching & Mining in Oasis Valley
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STORM-OV, Inc. is a Non-Profict orginization dedicated to the survival of the Amargosa Toad.
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