Saving Toads thru Off-Road Racing, Ranching & Mining in Oasis Valley
Prevention of the listing of the "Amargosa Toad" as "Endangered".

Eliminate - Invasive Species from the "Amargosa Toads" Environment.
Visa Versa - Eliminate the Toad from the Invasive Species Environment.
(Create new habitat for "Amargosa Toad" away from trouble.)

Promote  and fund studies of the "Amargosa Toad" and its Environment, which will generate  Scientific and Factual information allowing Professional Decisions - rather than Emotional and Assumptive Responses.

Provide  a conduit and be the catalyst bringing Land User groups, Private property owners, and Public land managers together in joint efforts to Rehabilitate, Create, and Manage the Environment of the "Amargosa Toad".

Demonstrate  that the land use necessary to serve the needs of Civilization can be balanced to serve the needs of the Environment.  That the  "Amargosa Toad" is benefitted by these actions not victimized.

Cause the stable population increase for the "Amargosa Toad" thereby assuring its ability to contribute its Unique Genetics to the ever changing Evolutionary Pulse of Life that Surrounds the Planet Earth.
Our Goals
Amargosa Toad
     Bufo Nelsoni
A Non-Profit Orginization
Located in Beatty, Nevada
In the Heart of "Oasis Valley"
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Affiliate Tracking Software
our goals
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STORM-OV, Inc. is a Non-Profict orginization dedicated to the survival of the Amargosa Toad.
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