flur spar canyon
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Flur Spar Canyon/Crowell Mine Road -

Working together with NDOT, STORM-OV helped clear the area of any clutches, tadpoles, toadlets, and toads and relocated them out of harms way, while installation of a new waterway, with culverts donated by Best in the Desert.  This eliminated years of vehicle traffic danger in this seasonal toad habitat.

STORM-OV remained on site during the entire time of construction, to ensure the safety, and remove any animals that may have moved in.

Amargosa Toad
     Bufo Nelsoni
A Non-Profit Orginization
Saving Toads thru Off-Road Racing, Ranching & Mining in Oasis Valley
Located in Beatty, Nevada
In the Heart of "Oasis Valley"
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To Continue Our Efforts
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Affiliate Tracking Software
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STORM-OV, Inc. is a Non-Profict orginization dedicated to the survival of the Amargosa Toad.
fluer spar canyon
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