We are taking the lead here in our belief that action is necessary. In a new approach, instead of - and is the practice involving potentially endangered species - filing lawsuits against our State and Federal agencies for their alleged failure to administer to the wildlife or land, we are going to engage them with all of their knowledge and abilities in the constructive process of rehabilitation, creation and management of the Amargosa Toads Environment.       "DON'T LITIGATE - PROPAGATE "

There are individuals within our organization that have spent their lives as their fathers before them did, making a living from the land. Our history and passion run deep. Collective abilities, understanding and commitment, keep our course true. The course that for 15 years, we individually and now through STORM-OV will jointly be pursuing vigorously. "The prevention of the listing of the Amargosa Toad as Endangered". By the way........ we were not unaware of its existence prior to this time.

All of us are dependent upon this planet that we live on. We are a product of it. We are keenly aware of our effect upon it. We know that for everything we take, we have to put something back.

We do not deny our actions cause an effect, anymore than society or the civilization from where it came can deny its need for us.

We are able to utilize our resources in a responsible manner to serve the needs of the people while tending to the needs of the environment. This has been our practice and will continue to do so.

We are Miners, Ranchers and Racers - American Land Users. We are not embarrassed or ashamed of who we are or what we do.

We Miners bring to the country the resources necessary to not only create it but to sustain it. We produce the sand, gravel and cement that are the very foundation of the schools in which we educate our children and the hospitals where our babies are born. The gold and silver in our cell phones and computers owe their existence to, the steel that built our bridges, or the diamonds that adorn the wedding bands with which we betroth one another - didn't fall out of the sky - they were mined.

We Ranchers bring to America the meats that grace your table. Whether it's beef, chicken, pork or your Thanksgiving Turkey, it came off a ranch. We bring the wool to the market that keeps us warm. We are the Western Culture celebrated by Rodeo, and watched by the World through John Wayne movies. The livestock for 4-H youth programs graze in our pastures.

We Racers celebrate the spirit of competition that has existed in man since the dawn of time. This lives in our local High School Basketball games, and raises to a crescendo during the Homecoming Football game. It was there when Tiger Woods won the Masters, not once but 4 times. The Indy 500, The Kentucky Derby, America's Cup, Vegas to Reno Off-road  Race, The Boston Marathon, Tour de France, Baja 500, The Reno Air Races, or the Potato Sack Race during the 4th of July celebration, this desire to compete and win exists.

Hooves, Wings, or Wheels -Land, Sea, or Air - Man will be there...............
                                                      Keeping  "Ya..............Hoooooooo!"  Alive

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Amargosa Toad
     Bufo Nelsoni
A Non-Profit Orginization
Saving Toads thru Off-Road Racing, Ranching & Mining in Oasis Valley
Located in Beatty, Nevada
In the Heart of "Oasis Valley"
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To Continue Our Efforts
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STORM-OV, Inc. is a Non-Profict orginization dedicated to the survival of the Amargosa Toad.