The diversity of the "Spicer Ranch" allows for us to support it, in its' needs.  We act as its' steward, caring for it.  We love its' history, the remoteness, the views, the water, its' grass and wildlife.  Guiding what produces the flow of life here, seeing it respond to our efforts....make's our hearts beat fast and our breath come quick.

"Tough Mudder's" presence here, carefully placed on the ranch, and making the donation it is to STORM-OV, is building on the energy of an important movement....Demonstrating that interacting with the environment we live in, can benefit everything.

Test your metal on what this ranch has to offer.  Know that your contributions will help keep it together.  Take in the vast open views, the wild mountain tops, rocky canyons, and the wonderful mud, of this spectacular place. 

Come and Take on the Challange....Join in the Adrenaline Rush!

About Us
Amargosa Toad
     Bufo Nelsoni
A Non-Profit Orginization
Saving Toads thru Off-Road Racing, Ranching & Mining in Oasis Valley
Located in Beatty, Nevada
In the Heart of "Oasis Valley"
We Need Your Help
To Continue Our Efforts
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Affiliate Tracking Software
about us
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STORM-OV, Inc. is a Non-Profict orginization dedicated to the survival of the Amargosa Toad.
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